Why Go to the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Events?

    morongo casino resort  spa events

    Why Go to the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Events?

    The Morongo Casino Resort & Spa has been catering to the needs of gamblers and sports enthusiasts since 1987. The action has been ramped up for this sportsman’s paradise, and as the climate in places like North Carolina is warming up, it seems as if we’ll all be playing poker with white-knuckled hands!

    The casino offers more than just gambling, though. There are varied sports options, restaurants, lounges, and a variety of entertainment options for those who love a good party. The entertainment is in addition to the regular casino, which is worth it for a full-service casino experience in the middle of the city.

    Other than the usual evening rush, the casino can even be accessed via shuttle bus for those who choose to stay in a hotel. For those who like to drive themselves around, this is a major plus to consider.

    But don’t forget the casino! A free shuttle will drop you off right outside the casino and give you a free VIP card. This allows you to enter and exit the casino through any of the front doors in a few seconds.

    There are nightly shows at the Morongo for the hard-core fans of sports. One night is dedicated to NASCAR races, another is dedicated to tennis, and the other is just for pizza and basketball. Whatever it is, you’ll find your sports fix here.

    If you’re looking for a place to meet up with some buddies, consider the casino at Morongo. This is a neighborhood joint, not only offering drinks but also providing a venue for bar crawls and street festivals. These parties are a great way to get together with friends or have an informal gathering of the fun crowd.

    If you don’t get to play in one of the casino events, you can still have a grand time at Morongo. There are a variety of dining establishments and shops located within walking distance, and you can also grab a drink at one of the many casinos, or watch the action at a tavern.

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