Hotels Near Casino Morongo – Casinos Near Marrakech

    hotel near casino morongo

    Hotels Near Casino Morongo – Casinos Near Marrakech

    There are some great hotels in Marrakech that are close to the Casablanca Casino. If you want to enjoy casino gambling in Marrakech without having to spend a lot of money, then you should consider booking a room at one of these five hotels.

    Hotel Casa Milagro: Casa Milagro is located close to the Casino Morongo. The hotel has its own golf course. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. The restaurant serves good food.

    Hotel Mujeres Casino: The hotel is located in the Mujeres neighbourhood. It is close to the hotel Morongo. The rooms here are decorated with marble and mahogany. The rooms have swimming pools. These rooms are spacious and offer a great view of the city.

    Hotel Oriental: The hotel is located in a building that looks like an old mosque. This building has a fountain in the middle of it. This hotel has excellent business rates and excellent service.

    Hotel Crillon Alkhuine: The hotel is located right in front of the Casino Morongo. There are rooms available that include a balcony.

    Hotel Bandera: The hotel is located on the beach in front of the Casino Morongo. The rooms here offer excellent service. The rooms also include a balcony.

    Hotel Royal: The hotel is located in the same building that the Casino Morongo is located in. It offers better service than the other hotels.

    Hotel de la Chapelle: The hotelis in the city centre. It is situated on the other side of the highway from the Casino Morongo. It has not too many rooms but they are comfortable and offer good service.

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