Morongo Casino Hotel Rooms – Luxury in Mexico City

    If you’ve been thinking about going to Puerto Vallarta or San Cristobal, Mexico then the Morongo Casino Hotel is a great place to stay. The hotel has been built with elegance and comfort in mind. A lot of people come to Morongo Casino Hotel for the kind of service that it offers, so we’ll try to explain what you can expect from this wonderful hotel.

    The hotel, or casino hotel as it’s commonly known, is situated on the hill overlooking the beach in the beach town of Puerto Vallarta. It has an ambiance that’s truly spectacular, the accommodation is spacious and comfortable and there are some of the best amenities in town. We think that the guests will be very pleased with the hospitality here.

    Morongo Casino Hotel rooms are lavish and elegant. The rooms are quiet, clean and provide you with real luxury. They come with elegant furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows, flat screen televisions, high speed internet, multi-point safes, infrared air-conditioning, high speed wired phone, double-walled windows, luxurious bath towels, comfy sofas and stylish linens. These rooms are just the same as those found in the five star hotels in Vegas.

    You will get your rooms decorated according to your choice and you can have all of your personal items delivered straight to your room, all of your dishes will be prepared by you or have your personal chef prepare them. If you’re on a strict budget, Morongo Casino Hotel rooms are well equipped with some basic amenities like mini-refrigerators, microwaves, free coffee making facilities, tea/coffee and tea services, cable TV, flat screen television, wireless internet access, free linen service, marble bathrooms and modern hygiene products. But the rooms are pretty comfortable, too. The amenities are comparable to a five star hotel, but in Mexico City.

    There are five pools in Morongo Casino Hotel and they all offer a good value for money. You can choose a pool according to your liking or get the family to swim together. The kids can enjoy a dip in the pool with a cool baby bottle.

    After your fun swimming session, you can relax in your room at the poolside bar. You can also play some table games and eat an overpriced three course meal for under $10. It’s that simple.

    Morongo Casino Hotel rooms have a pool and their catering staff will ensure that you get all of the basic amenities. They also have a wonderful spa available to you. They have both traditional treatments and special aromatherapy massage treatments.

    Morongo Casino Hotel rooms are very close to the beach, so you will have great fun relaxing and sunbathing in the warm breeze. You can also visit the casino, which is located at a bit further away but you will see the casinos and enjoy the entertainment at the hotel. After all, there is nothing better than staying in a hotel that has you feeling luxurious and relaxed.

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